Jay Patadiya

Its a full to fun & entertainment place for one day picnic. It's nicely built and well maintained amusement park of Gujarat. I bet you'll love it. It has rides for adults as well as kids. Some of the thrilling rides are really amazing. I have been here twice and I wont feel bored going again. Tagada ride is the most entertaining for all the ahe groups to enjoy it together, dont miss it.

Chirag Parekh

Amazing place to visit for adults who are able to enjoy the rides. The rides are best for the ones who don't have height phobia. A typically friends place to visit as all the family members won't be able to enjoy the ride though if you are with your family then buy the tickets accordingly because you won't be able to enjoy all the rides. Overall an amazing place to visit.

Rajani Zala

It's a wonderful destination to enjoy with friends and family. The food quality is good. Adventure rides are excellent. The most beautiful and attractive part is selfie point. Well maintained garden. You have to spend from morning to evening if you want to enjoy all tha rides. Fountain show is excellent .nice picnic point for your weekend